About Litchfield Classifieds

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The intended purpose of the WAMUSA/LITCHFIELDIL classifieds is to provide a free avenue for local residents, generally from Montgomery and Macoupin counties to utilize the Internet to buy or sale goods or services.

As a general rule, commercial ads are not accepted.  Exceptions will be made at the sole discretion of WAM Computers for local businesses or unique services available on the Internet.  Employment, "work at home," business opportunity, etc. ads that require the prospective worker to pay a fee will not be allowed.   Ads for puppies bred for profit will not be allowed.  Commercial ads that compete with WAM Computers, such as computer repair, web page design or hosting, internet access or computer sales will not be allowed although local residents selling a single PC or PC component will be allowed

Property outside the Montgomery-Macoupin counties area will not be allowed.

Ads may only be placed in one category. Ads placed in multiple categories will be deleted in part or in whole at the sole discretion of WAM Computers.

Placement of an ad should be appropriate for the category where it is placed. Improperly categorized ads may be deleted or re-categorized at the sole discretion of WAM Computers.

If you have any questions or feel that your ad was removed or deleted without cause, please contact webmaster@wamusa.com.