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Northern Division
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Northern Division
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The Pool Party for the Northern Division will be at Chief's II in Gillespie on Saturday April 12th. There will be a Free individual tournament for all Northern Division Winter Session players, Door Prizes, Plaques, Trophies and Team Play-outs. Sign-up starts about 11:30 and play begins between 12:45 and 1:00. Come and join the fun!! At least one person from each team should plan on attending. Thanks a Million!! Todd

Team Name Total Match Points Matches Played Average Points Per Match Rank
Chiefs Ltch 142113.8181
Chiefs II Glsp 141.5113.7732
Chapps 341113.7273
Chapps 629112.6365
Chapps 129112.6365
Out Back221127
Chiefs Ltch 219.5111.7738
Hurleys 218.5111.6829
Chapps 517111.54510
Hurleys 114.5111.31812

Individual Standings

ERO EOB B&R Rank Player Name Team Total Game Points Games Played Average Points per Game Average for Handicap
3011Heaton, CaryChapps 1154169.62510
0001Boerckel, RandyChiefs Ltch 17789.6258
3213Cope, PaulChiefs II Glsp 1416449.4559
0004Draper, LeeChiefs Ltch 23749.259
1205Compton, LeePokers327369.0839
0006Jones, DaveChapps 3388448.8189
2127Jones, JakePokers386448.7739
3008Edwards, BryanChiefs II Glsp 1245288.759
2109Owens, CurtisChapps 3312368.6679
10110Gerdes, StevenChiefs Ltch 2276328.6259
10110Henrichs, CoryChapps 3138168.6259
10112Lafferty, ChrisChiefs II Glsp 1103128.5837
10013Shultz, ToddChapps 1137168.5629
20114Pinkston, ScottChiefs Ltch 1342408.559
00015Furman, MikeChiefs Ltch 1341408.5259
10016Huene, AlPokers373448.4778
10117Bradburn, JerryChapps 3305368.4728
31018Hupfer, RodChiefs Ltch 1372448.4558
00019Tefteller, TomPokers371448.4328
10020Loveless, TristanChiefs II Glsp 1362448.2278
01021Obrian, JamesOut Back295368.1948
00022Orzel, JohnPokers6588.1257
00023Tomso, AmiMels32487
00024Kuehn, AndyChapps 3319407.9758
01024Madeline, ChadHurleys 1319407.9758
00026Gerdes, DuaneChiefs Ltch 2223287.9648
00027Bradburn, JeramieOut Back317407.9258
20028Walker, JoshChiefs Ltch 2346447.8648
02029Damm, AaronOut Back343447.7958
00030Bollman, CharlieChiefs Ltch 13147.757
00030Rivers, ChrisChiefs II Glsp 13147.759
00030See, SteveChapps 56287.757
00033Simmons, MickChiefs Ltch 1308407.78
50234Zeller, LelandChiefs II Glsp 1337447.6598
00035Bridges, RickChapps 1335447.6148
10036Roach, BobChapps 1334447.5918
00037Hamm, CodyChapps 591127.5837
00038Vieweg, AdamMels3047.57
01039Dagon, GavinChapps 1178247.4177
00040Odle, JoshChapps 6326447.4097
00041Komor, StevenChiefs Ltch 25987.3757
00042Coad, PamMels293407.3257
00043Lesko, DonHurleys 1291407.2757
00044Sisson, DavidOut Back290407.257
00044Vieweg, TrevorChapps 62947.257
10046Boerckel, TerryChapps 6230327.1887
00047Lowery, RonChapps 6313447.1147
00048Biggs, DaveMels142207.17
01049Burdell, ToddChapps 6312447.0917
00050Savage, CodyChapps 5309447.0237
00051Nurdin, JoshHurleys 1194286.9297
00052Stassi, JoshHurleys 2276406.97
00052Estell, RodChapps 5276406.97
00054Cooper, ZackChapps 5162246.757
00055Dern, CoreyHurleys 2292446.6367
00056Heaton, ChuckChapps 1159246.6257
00056Niehaus, RandyMels106166.6257
00058Bryant, DustinHurleys 2290446.5917
00059Satterlee, MikeMels5286.57
01059Green ChrisMels260406.57
00059Degler, MikeMels5286.57
00062Ferguson, JustinHurleys 1254406.356
00063Cox, MichelleOut Back126206.36
00064Nowell, DaveMels201326.2816
00065Aubuschon, RandyMels24467
00065Aubuschon, RandyMels24467
00065Gibson, ShannonChapps 324467
00068Wachter, TimHurleys 1721267
01069Weller, RandyHurleys 2263445.9776
00069Schell, CrystalChapps 62345.756
00071Young, StewartChapps 52245.57
00071Hutchens, RebecaHurleys 12245.57
00071Catalano, TimChapps 5242445.56
00071Collins, AlexChapps 14485.57
00075Hurley, EricHurleys 12145.257
00076Boerckel, DylanChiefs Ltch 24185.1257
01076Tefteller, DevinChiefs Ltch 2164325.1255
00078Savagino, JuliHurleys 120457
00079Hinnen, BrittanyHurleys 11042.56
00080Gikes, NathanHurleys 2641.55


Week Date Home Away At

11/16/2014Chief's Ltchfld 1Mel's PlaceChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 1Hurley's 2Chapps
Hurley's 1Out BackHurley's
Chapps 5Chief's Ltchfld 2Chapps
Chiefs II Glsp 1PokersChiefs II Glsp
Chapps 3Chapps 6Chapps

21/23/2014PokersChapps 3Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 2Chiefs II Glsp 1Chief's Ltchfld
Out BackChapps 5Chapps
Hurley's 2Hurley's 1Hurley's
Mel's PlaceChapps 1Mel's Place
Chapps 6Chief's Ltchfld 1Chapps

31/30/2014Chapps 5Hurley's 2Chapps
Chiefs II Glsp 1Out BackChiefs II Glsp
Chief's Ltchfld 1Chapps 3Chief's Ltchfld
Chapps 1Chapps 6Chapps
PokersChief's Ltchfld 2Chapps
Hurley's 1Mel's PlaceHurley's

42/6/2014Chapps 6Hurley's 1Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 1Chapps 1Chief's Ltchfld
Mel's PlaceChapps 5Mel's Place
Hurley's 2Chiefs II Glsp 1Hurley's
Out BackPokersChapps
Chapps 3Chief's Ltchfld 2Chapps

52/13/2014Hurley's 1Chief's Ltchfld 1Hurley's
Chapps 5Chapps 6Chapps
Chiefs II Glsp 1Mel's PlaceChiefs II Glsp
PokersHurley's 2Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 2Out BackChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 1Chapps 3Chapps

62/20/2014Mel's PlacePokersMel's Place
Chapps 3Out BackChapps
Chapps 6Chiefs II Glsp 1Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 1Chapps 5Chief's Ltchfld
Chapps 1Hurley's 1Chapps
Hurley's 2Chief's Ltchfld 2Hurley's

72/27/2014Out BackHurley's 2Chapps
Hurley's 1Chapps 3Hurley's
Chapps 5Chapps 1Chapps
Chiefs II Glsp 1Chief's Ltchfld 1Chiefs II Glsp
Chief's Ltchfld 2Mel's PlaceChief's Ltchfld
PokersChapps 6Chapps

83/6/2014Hurley's 1Chapps 5Hurley's
Chapps 1Chiefs II Glsp 1Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 1PokersChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 6Chief's Ltchfld 2Chapps
Chapps 3Hurley's 2Chapps
Mel's PlaceOut BackMel's Place

93/13/2014Chapps 5Chapps 3Chapps
Hurley's 2Mel's PlaceHurley's
Out BackChapps 6Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 2Chief's Ltchfld 1Chief's Ltchfld
Chiefs II Glsp 1Hurley's 1Chiefs II Glsp
PokersChapps 1Chapps

103/20/2014Mel's PlaceChapps 3Mel's Place
Chapps 6Hurley's 2Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 1Out BackChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 1Chief's Ltchfld 2Chapps
Hurley's 1PokersHurley's
Chapps 5Chiefs II Glsp 1Chapps

113/27/2014Chapps 6Mel's PlaceChapps
Chiefs II Glsp 1Chapps 3Chiefs II Glsp
Pokers Chapps 5 Chapps
Chief's Ltchfld 2Hurley's 1Chief's Ltchfld
Out BackChapps 1 Chapps
Hurley's 2Chief's Ltchfld 1Hurley's

Chapps, 119 West Edwards, Ltchfld, 217-324-2642
Chiefs, 602 N. State, Ltchfld, 217-324-4925
Chiefs II Glsp, 107 North Macoupin Ave, Gillespie, 217-839-4299
Hurleys, 113 W. Main, Mt. Olive, 217-999-3411
Mel's Place, 208 E Main St., Mt Olive, 217-999-5700


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