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Our next session will start on January 15th. I will get the final standings and team payouts out as soon as possible. If you are planning any changes in the number of teams (teams dropping out or new teams coming in) Please let me know asap so I can get the schedules made up. We will have a pool party with the trophies, plaques and prizes sometime on January10th, sign up starts at 12:00 noon and the tournament will begin about 1:00 PM. Please try to have someone from your team there.

Team Name Total Match Points Matches Played Average Points Per Match Rank
Out Backs1963.1671
Karona Kids1963.1671
Chief's Ltch 11963.1671
Poker's 1462.3334
Key Guys1362.1675
Chapps 51362.1675
Mis Fits861.3337

Individual Standings

ERO EOB B&R Rank Player Name Team Total Game Points Games Played Average Points per Game Average for Handicap
0001Boerckel, RandyChief's Ltch 14041010
0002Huene, AlPoker's 211248.7929
0002Pinkston, ScottChief's Ltch 1211248.7929
2004Rodil, MarlonOut Backs208248.6679
0005Bradburn, JeremieKarona Kids205248.5429
1105Jacobs, FuzzyOut Backs205248.5429
5027Compton, LeePoker's 204248.59
0008Dagon, ChrisKey Guys200248.3338
0109Simmons, MickChief's Ltch 1199248.2928
00010Kuehn, AndyKarona Kids198248.258
10011Furman, MikeChief's Ltch 1131168.1888
00012Estell, RodneyChapps 5130168.1258
10013Owens, CurtisKarona Kids194248.0838
01014Jones, DaveKarona Kids1922488
00015Marit, RhondaChapps 5159207.958
00016Damm, AaronOut Backs190247.9178
11017Middleton, TravisPoker's 186247.758
00018Hupfer, RodChief's Ltch 1184247.6678
10019Walker, CarlMis Fits183247.6258
00020Odle, JoshKey Guys182247.5838
10021Dagon, GavinKey Guys181247.5428
00022Tefteller, TomPoker's 173247.2087
00023Redding, DerekMis Fits86127.1677
00024Collins, AlexKey Guys139206.957
00025Catalino, TimChapps 5163246.7927
01026Sisson, DaveOut Backs162246.757
00027Savage, CodyChapps 5149246.2086
00028Hemken, RyneChapps 573126.0836
00029Shultz, ToddKey Guys24467
00030Anderson, EricMis Fits4785.8757
00031File, ChrisMis Fits4585.6256
00032Bollman, CharlieChief's Ltch 12145.256
00033Robbins, GlenMis Fits121245.0425
00034Walker, Mary AnnMis Fits77203.854


Week Date Home Away At

11/15/2015OutbacksKey GuyChapps
Chapps 5Mis FitsChapps
Chief's Lich 1PokersChief's Ltchfld
Korona KidsByeChapps

21/22/2015Chief's Lich 1ByeChief's Ltchfld
PokersChapps 5Chapps
Mis FitsOutbacksChapps
Key GuyKorona KidsChapps

31/29/2015ByeKey GuyBye
Korona KidsMis FitsChapps
Chapps 5Chief's Lich 1Chapps

42/5/2015Chief's Lich 1OutbacksChief's Ltchfld
PokersKorona KidsChapps
Chapps 5ByeChapps
Mis FitsKey GuyChapps

52/12/2015ByeMis FitsBye
Key GuyPokersChapps
Korona KidsChief's Lich 1Chapps
OutbacksChapps 5Chapps

Chapps 5Korona KidsChapps
Chief's Lich 1Key GuyChief's Ltchfld
PokersMis FitsChapps

72/26/2015Korona KidsOutbacksChapps
Key GuyChapps 5Chapps
Mis FitsChief's Lich 1Chapps

83/5/2015Key GuyOutbacksChapps
Mis FitsChapps 5Chapps
PokersChief's Lich 1Chapps
ByeKorona KidsBye

93/12/2015ByeChief's Lich 1Bye
Chapps 5PokersChapps
OutbacksMis FitsChapps
Korona KidsKey GuyChapps

103/19/2015Key GuyByeChapps
Mis FitsKorona KidsChapps
Chief's Lich 1Chapps 5Chief's Ltchfld

113/26/2015OutbacksChief's Lich 1Chapps
Korona KidsPokersChapps
ByeChapps 5Bye
Key GuyMis FitsChapps

124/2/2015Mis FitsByeChapps
PokersKey GuyChapps
Chief's Lich 1Korona KidsChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 5OutbacksChapps

Korona KidsChapps 5Chapps
Key GuyChief's Lich 1Chapps
Mis FitsPokersChapps

144/16/2015OutbacksKorona KidsChapps
Chief's Lich 1Mis FitsChief's Ltchfld
Chapps 5Key GuyChapps

Chapps, 119 West Edwards, Ltchfld, 217-324-2642
Chiefs Ltch, 602 N. State, Ltchfld, 217-324-4925


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