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Northern Division
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Northern Division
Southern Division

Below is the schedule for the Fall Session. We will begin play on Thursday 9-10-15. The team packages containing score sheets, etc. will be at your home location in the next couple of days. If you have any questions please just let me know. Thanks a Million!! Todd

Team Name Total Match Points Matches Played Average Points Per Match Rank
Chapp's 616.544.1252
Out Back's13.543.3753
Chief's 11033.3334
Capone's 112435
Black Diamond 21142.756
Chapp's 5, Outlaws1042.57
Chief's 28.542.1258
Karona Kids6329
Black Dismond 34.541.12510
Mis Fits33111
Black Diamond 1240.512

Individual Standings

ERO EOB B&R Rank Player Name Team Total Game Points Games Played Average Points per Game Average for Handicap
1101Jacobs, JimPokers117129.7510
0002Walker, CarlMis Fits7789.6258
0003Hupfer, RodChief's 17689.59
0004Huene, AlPokers113129.4179
0005Satterlee, ChadCapone's 1150169.3759
1015Simmons, MickChief's 17589.3759
1017Compton, LeeChapp's 6146169.1259
0008Weik, DavidCapone's 136498
0009Damm, AaronOut Back's143168.9389
00010Lee, MattCapone's 1107128.9179
10011Sisson, DaveOut Back's142168.8759
00012Odle, JoshKarona Kids104128.6679
00013Jacobs, FuzzyOut Back's138168.6259
00014Benton, RayChapp's 6102128.59
00014Middleton, TravisPokers102128.59
00014Compagni, TommyOut Back's3448.58
00014Bollman, CharlieChief's 16888.58
10114Bradburn, JeramieOut Back's102128.59
10119Furman, MikeChief's 1100128.3338
10019Pinkston, ScottChief's 1100128.3338
00021Beeler, BenChapp's 6133168.3128
00022Gudgel, DylanChief's 299128.258
00022Rodil, MarlonChapp's 6132168.258
00022Rudolph, ErronChapp's 63348.258
00022Voss, RickCapone's 13348.258
00026Six, LeoCapone's 1129168.0628
10027Lee, MikeBlk Dismond 31281688
00027Teffteller, TomPokers961288
00029Jett, EarlKarona Kids95127.9178
00030Gudgel, CodyChief's 26187.6257
00031Cope, PaulBlk Diamond 23047.59
00031Hamilton, SeanBlk Diamond 2120167.58
00031Rakers, LennyCapone's 190127.58
10034Estell, RodneyChapp's 5119167.4387
00035Edwards, BrianBlk Diamond 289127.4177
01036Marit, RhondaChapp's 588127.3337
00037Talmadge, JustinBlk Dismond 3117167.3127
00038Stassi, JoshChief's 2116167.257
00039Bartz, JustinMis Fits56877
00039Robbins, PeteBlk Diamond 156877
00041Grossglauser, RickyBlk Dismond 3111166.9387
10042Kuehn, AndyKarona Kids82126.8337
00043Petrelli, JoeBlk Diamond 22746.757
00044Catalano, TimChapp's 5107166.6887
00044Hemkin, RyanChapp's 5107166.6887
00044Loveless, TristanBlk Diamond 2107166.6887
00047Savage, CodyChief's 2103166.4386
00048Welch, ChrisBlk Diamond 276126.3336
00049Blevins, CindyBlk Dismond 399166.1886
00050Anderson, Carl RayBlk Diamond 171125.9176
00050Bryant, DustonChief's 271125.9176
00052McKay, RobbyChapp's 54785.8759
00053Holman, ChadBlk Diamond 193165.8126
00054Baldwin, RandyBlk Diamond 191165.6886
00055Walker, Mary AnnMis Fits4485.56
00056Robbins, GlennMis Fits4385.3756
00057McCoy, MikeKarona Kids3584.3756
00057Nubz, ???????????Blk Diamond 13584.3756
00059Jackson, SergioBlk Diamond 11744.256


Week Date Home Away At

19/10/2015Black Diamond 3Chapp's 5Black Diamond
Karona KidsMis FitsChapps
Capone's 1PokersCapone's
Chief's 1Chief's 2Chief's Ltch
Out Back'sBlack Diamond 1Chapp's
Chapp's 6Black Diamond 2Chapp's

29/17/2015Chief's 2Capone's 1Chief's Ltch
Chapp's 6Chapp's 5Chapp's
Black Diamond 1Karona KidsBlack Diamond
PokersChief's 1Chapp's
Mis FitsBlack Diamond 3Chapp's
Black Diamond 2Out Back'sBlack Diamond

39/24/2015Black Diamond 3PokersBlack Diamond
Capone's 1Chief's 2Capones
Chief's 1Black Diamond 1Chief's Ltch
Karona KidsBlack Diamond 2Karona Kids
Out Back'sChapp's 6Chapp's
Chapp's 5Mis FitsChapp's

410/1/2015Chapp's 6Karona KidsChapp's
PokersMis FitsChapp's
Chief's 2Black Diamond 3Chief's Ltch
Black Diamond 2Chief's 1Black Diamond
Out Back'sChapp's 5Chapp's
Black Diamond 1Capone's 1Black Diamond

510/8/2015Black Diamond 3Black Diamond 1Black Diamond
Capone's 1Black Diamond 2Capone's
Chief's 1Chapp's 6Chief's Ltch
Karona KidsOut Back'sChapp's
Mis FitsChief's 2Chapp's
Chapp's 5PokersChapp's

610/15/2015Chief's 2PokersChief's Ltch
Out Back'sChief's 1Chapp's
Chapp's 6Capone's 1Chapp's
Black Diamond 2Mis FitsBlack Diamond
Karona KidsChapp's 5Chapp's
Black Diamond 1Black Diamond 3Black Diamond

710/22/2015Chief's 1Karona KidsChief's Ltch
Chapp's 5Chief's 2Chapp's
Mis FitsBlack Diamond 1Chapp's
Black Diamond 3Black Diamond 2Black Diamond
PokersChapp's 6Chapps
Capone's 1Out Back'sCapone's

810/29/2015Black Diamond 1PokersBlack Diamond
Black Diamond 2Mis FitsBlack Diamond
Out Back'sChief's 2Chapp's
Karona KidsCapone's 1Chapp's
Chief's 1Chapp's 5Chief's Ltch
Chapp's 6Black Diamond 3Chapp's

911/5/2015Chief's 2Black Diamond 1Chief's Ltch
Capone's 1Chief's 1Capone's
Chapp's 5Karona KidsChapps
Black Diamond 3Out Back'sBlack Diamond
Mis FitsChapp's 6Chapp's
PokersBlack Diamond 2Chapp's

1011/12/2015Out Back'sMis FitsChapp's
Capone's 1Chapp's 5Capone's
Karona KidsBlack Diamond 3Chapp's
Chapp's 6PokersChapp's
Black Diamond 2Chief's 2Black Diamond
Chief's 1Black Diamond 1Chief's Ltch

1111/19/2015Black Diamond 2Capone's 1Black Diamond
Chief's 2Chapp's 6Chief's Ltch
PokersOut Back'sChapp's
Black Diamond 3Chief's 1Black Diamond
Mis FitsKarona KidsChapp's
Chapp's 5Black Diamond 1Chapp's

1212/3/2015Karona KidsPokersChapp's
Out Back'sChief's 2Chapp's
Chief's 1Mis FitsChief's Ltch
Capone's 1Black Diamond 3Capone's
Chapp's 6Chapp's 5Chapps
Black Diamond 2Black Diamond 1Black Diamond

1312/10/2015Chapp's 5Black Diamond 2Chapp's
Black Diamond 1Chapp's 6Black Diamond
Chief's 2Karona KidsChief's Ltch
PokersChief's 1Chapp's
Mis FitsCapone's 1Chapp's
Black Diamond 3Out Back'sBlack Diamond

Chapps, 119 West Edwards, Ltchfld, 217-324-2642
Chiefs Ltch, 602 N. State, Ltchfld, 217-324-4925


Central Illinois Billiards League